Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fantasy Hockey 2013 - My Team

My fantasy hockey draft was this evening, and as is the case all too often with CBS, there was a glitch with the draft app and most of the owners got screwed out of their picks for about half of the draft. No doubt, CBS will more than likely give each of us a free team in compensation, or something like that, especially since this is a money-league, but I'm actually really happy with the way my team turned out. So, I'm not as pissed off as some of the owners are. Of course, I have to take these results with a grain of salt, given the circumstances, but if nothing else it demonstrates the importance of pre-ranking your players (which I did, and many others apparently did not).

I won't bother with doing too much of a draft recap, but my roster looks pretty good (and keep in mind, I had the #7 overall pick in a 12 team roto-league):

C - Evgeni Malkin, PIT
C - Claude Giroux, PHI
C - Anze Kopitar, LA
W - Andrew Ladd, WPG
W - Scott Hartnell, PHI
W - Justin Williams, LA
D - Dion Phaneuf, TOR
D - Ryan Suter, MIN
D - Andrei Markov, MON
D - Paul Martin, PIT
G - Carey Price, MON
G - Marc-Andre Fleury, PIT
Bench - Jonas Hiller, ANA
Bench - David Perron, EDM
Bench - Vladimir Tarasenko, STL
Bench - Roman Josi, NSH

Let's just say I wasn't expecting to land Malkin with the seventh overall pick, let alone Giroux as well. That's completely ridiculous. Malkin is the consensus #3 overall player in fantasy, behind Stamkos and Crosby, and Giroux is a late first-rounder as well. Not to mention those defensemen I landed. I can't imagine both Phaneuf and Suter falling to me in a 12-team league if there hadn't been a glitch. There's just no way.

Then again, I was pretty surprised at the number of owners who didn't pre-rank their players. There were maybe 4 or 5 teams (out of 12) making appropriate picks. And the CBS pre-rankings are just flat-out appalling. I think the auto-pilot ended up taking Evgeni Nabokov in the 2nd round, to give you an idea of what a sham it was.

With that being said, I'm not complaining. If these results stand, I've got to say I like my chances. But, like I said, it is a money-league, so I wouldn't be surprised if CBS makes us do a re-draft. And as much as I appreciate their money-league format, they really don't seem to give much of a shit about their fantasy hockey leagues, because it seems like there are problems with their drafts every season... right after thousands of football drafts go off without a hitch. Go figure. Granted, it all comes down to money, of course, but the difference really does show.


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